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Tour 4 - Let the waters roll down..

flooded caravan park

This is an audio tour of jaywick which again you can either walk or enjoy from your armchair. Experience the past, present and future of Jaywick as shaped by the water. Introduced by Ray Clark from BBC Radio Essex this is a great way to get to know Jaywick.

Water has played a major part in shaping this place. It is Jaywick’s lifeblood as a seaside village, and shapes the unique ecology and environment of the area. It is also though a major threat to the peacefulness of life here, which the bunds and sea walls clearly demonstrate. This is an audio tour of what water means and might mean in the future to Jaywick. It is read by visitors, residents and workers in Jaywick and inlcudes information on:

  • Operation Jaywick
  • The Essex Skipper
  • Doggerland
  • The Jaywick Spear
  • How the Plotlands of Jaywick came about
  • and more...

The tour is about 3 and a half miles and starts from the sea wall outside of Jaywick Martello Tower. It will take about 2 hours for a fit adult walker, but its better to allow more time to take in the sights, sounds and smells of Jaywick - although you can of course just do part of it !

All of the route is accessible for wheelchair users with the exception of one section where an alternative route is given. However in some places the ground is uneven so all people taking the tour should take care. As you’ll probably have some headphones on, don’t forget to take extra care when crossing the road. Please note the Jaywick Tourist Board does not take any responsibility for anything that happens outside of the space between your ears whilst taking this tour.

Alternatively download it and listen from your armchair, on the bus or in the car. 

Audio tour (mp3 format: 34mb)

You'll need to download the hand-drawn map and print it off to follow the tour on the ground, alternativly click on the picture below for a satellite version. 


Click on the map or link above and then just navigate your way around by clicking on the points of interest. You can use the mouse to drag the map around and zoom in and out using the slider at the top left. You can also view these tours in Google Earth (you'll need to register and download the program first, but then just click the link in the maps saying "View in google earth").


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