The Jaywick Tourist Board
"I get to relax, relax and chill..."

summer fair

What do people think of Jaywick ?

We surveyed visitors to Jaywick (and residents) during the Summer of 2008 to find out what they thought of the place. Here are the results of our findings.


Perhaps unsurpisingly the age spread reflects the large number of retired poeple living in or near Jaywick, and those with young families. The main age range missing from Jaywick is the 26-35 group but they are probably in Mallorca at this time of year.
Viva la bucket and spade !


Geographic distribution of visitors to Jaywick

Most people come from London, reflecting the historic association of Jaywick with this metropolis. The recent financial crisis, coupled with rising fuel costs, may mean that we see more city visitors who will not be able to afford to go abroad in Jaywick.

Geographic distribution


Most people still get in the car when they want to go to Jaywick. Perhaps we should have more boats ?


Reasons for visiting Jaywick

Most people live in Jaywick or are on holiday.


The best things to see in Jaywick

The beach was the sight that most people visiting Jaywick want to see, closely followed by visits to the Martello Tower with its exhibitions.

things to see

What new facilities would make Jaywick a better place ?

By far the most popular demand was for a publicly accessible swimming pool, followed by a skate park for the kids.


What's you favourite food from Jaywick ?

Top of our survey of people’s favourite local foods, with 1/3rd of the vote came 

fish and chips

This was followed in popularity by .

jellied eels

Other local specialities voted for were:

Chinese, pizza, chicken nuggests, chips, salad, fruit, burgers, kebabs, toast, Mcdonalds, jacket potato with tuna, tea and cake

One word to describe Jaywick

different, sunny and friendly, fine, breathtaking, great people mix, honest, excellent, good-walking, charming, quiet, pleasant, excellent, peaceful, fab, naff, great, lovely.